Diesel Nozzle Reconditioning Industries, Inc.

Pinnacle Performance without the Premium Price

Reconditioned Powerstroke Navistar- Cat Heui Injector

  • Complete disassembly and cleaning, Polish injector nut
  • Black oxide injector body and hold-down flange
  • Rebuild injector nozzles, grind valves and seat
  • Check clearance of needle to nozzle and refit when necessary
  • Flowrate nozzles, check p & b for clearance
  • Refit when necessary using only coated plungers
  • Grind check ball seat of barrel and test
  • Grind and check inlet ball plate
  • Poppet valve seats lapped, aligned, and valve travel set
  • Internal timing for maximum effective stroke
  • Flow test on Hartridge 230 machine

This is not an exchange program.

Customer's parts reconditioned only.

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