Diesel Nozzle Reconditioning Industries, Inc.

Pinnacle Performance without the Premium Price

Caterpillar HEUI C7-C9 Injector

    Reconditioning services include:
  • Complete Disassembly and Cleaning
  • Black Oxide Injector Nut
  • Rebuild Injector Nozzles, Grind Valves and Seat
  • Check Clearance of Needle to Nozzle and Refit as necessary
  • Nozzles are Extrude Honed for Fine Flow Tuning, Flowrate Nozzles
  • Refit P&B using only new coated Plungers
  • Refit Nozzle Spring Cage with New Coated Plunger
  • Refit New Coated Spool Valve and Upgrade Spring and Seat
  • All Springs are Replaced in Injectors
  • Replace Armature Valve and Set Travel
  • Flow Test Injector

This is not an exchange program.

Customer's parts reconditioned only.

System Brands We Cover