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Nozzle Reconditioning Services Available...

149 Series

17mm Size

60 Series Nozzle

6.9 PT

Allis Chalmers

Cummins Celect Nozzle

EMD Series

Fairbanks Needle & Sleeve

Pencil Nozzle Caterpillar

Pencil Nozzle John Deere

Pencil Nozzle Case

Powerstroke Nozzle Rebuild

Powerstroke Nozzle Rebuild & Refit

S Size

T, TM Size

U, V Size

VA Nozzle

NB Bendix

NC Bendix

ND Bendix

GM 53, 71, 92 Series

Waukesha, GM Type

EXTRUDE HONING Services now available

Other Reconditioning Services Available...

3208 Gov. Housing w/Two Steel Bushings, Shaft

3208 Gov. Housing w/Two Steel Bushings, Shaft
  with Reconditioned Base & Ferrule

3204-3306 Gov. Housing w/Two Steel Bushings

3204B-3306B Gov. Housing, Two Steel Bushings

3306B Gov. Housing with Two Steel Bushings

6.5 Drive Shaft

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Advanced Piston Bore on Stanadyne Housing,
  Models JD, AC, 4.3, 5.7, 6.2, 6.5, 6.9 & 7.3
  Including Reconditioned Piston
  (Customer must send in used piston)

CAT Heui Injector

Caterpillar Cam Shaft

CAV Hydraulic Gov. Cover

CAV Shaft with New Wt. Retainer
  and Rubber Inserts

CAV Drive Hubs

CAV Pump Cover with Two Steel Bushings

CAV Pump End Plate

Denso Fly Weight

DPS Drive Shaft

EID Weight Retainers

Federal Plunger (Coated) & Barrel New

Federal Plunger (Coated) & Barrel Rebuilt

GM Injector Body Conversion
  from Std. to "N", Offset to "N"

Injector Body Face Repair

Navistar Heui Injector

Navistar Nozzle Spring

Powerstroke Heui Injector

Powerstroke Nozzle Spring

Prime Plunger (Coated) & Barrel New

Prime Plunger (Coated) & Barrel Rebuilt

RB Fly Weight

Stanadyne Weight Retainers

Stanadyne Pump Shafts

VE Shaft

VE Type Housing including Shaft for 17mm

VE Type Housing including Shaft for 20mm

VE Pump Covers with or without Cast-In Bushing
  Machined and Steel Bushing Insert

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Special Note:
This is not an Exchange Program, customers must supply the parts to be reconditioned.

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